Booking your first cruise as a solo adventurer

This can be an overwhelming step, but you’ve got this.

Firstly, you need to decide where you want to go. Is it for an adventure, sunbathing, cruise experience, or simply a mini-break to kickstart your solo journey with adventures you’ve always desired?

My advice is to think through what exactly you want to do first; after all, prices can be sneaky with cruises. The prices do not reflect the standard balcony price, which I think is the best room for you.

Having a window sea view room can be quite claustrophobic, so always opt for a standard balcony minimum. If the prices are higher and out of your range, that’s okay too because at the end of the day, you’re still getting away. You have plenty of time to pay monthly; you don’t have to pay all at once. They offer a really good saving package, so my advice is always to go for the balcony.

Also, ensure to book the savers package; drinks packages are really up to you. If you are a heavy drinker, it’s great. If not, I wouldn’t advise it. If you’re coming away to drink, you might find that it causes more anxiety. So, find your inner self. If you seek peace and quiet, I would definitely not bother with the drinks package because temptation is always too great. I do not have the drinks package, only Wi-Fi, as you will not feel alone when talking to your family and friends at the end of a text. So, think about what you really want to do; drinks are priced the same as a bar, and cocktails are not too bad.

The £7.50 meals are free unless you book a posh meal; these must be

booked two weeks before, so please ensure you make the booking as soon as it comes through on your email. The Limelight Club and the Chef’s Table are popular, so make sure to book in advance. The Chef’s Table is okay for the solo traveller but, in general, be prepared for solitude. There’s a lovely Indian restaurant called the Sindhu, which is fabulous but gets booked up quickly. Book your theatres when you’re bored and get going. The Limelight Club offers a great experience, and I would recommend booking it two weeks before to see a great singer and enjoy a free meal. The actual meal costs £25, so it’s not too expensive.

Before you go, make sure to book your taxi with a good company. When you arrive, get your bags into the area with your taxi man, who will guide you on what to do. There’s a shoot where you can put your packages and bags and leave them behind; you’ll get your bags when you board the ship. Ensure you have labels on your suitcases and print them out on a printer; it’s important. Always use colour printers; get your labels from Amazon, they are fabulous. Additionally, pack hand luggage, and make sure not to put it in the shoot.

Have your passports ready as you are about to embark on a new journey. Ensure you have your printed boarding pass and one year of cruise insurance. You can pop your tickets from PO or boarding passes online on your phone or print them out. When you go through security, take off your watches, belts, and phones in a tray. Don’t leave your watch in the tray; make sure to keep track of your belongings. Find your master station, as indicated on the boarding pass; it’s simple. Go to the station, check-in, go to your room, and wait for your luggage.

Top tips: pack a backpack with makeup wipes, gel, and spray; you may need to freshen up. I always pack essential oils spray to keep myself from being overwhelmed. Make sure you have your hand luggage; when you’re disembarking the next day, they take your luggage the night before. You need a change of clothes and underwear, pack weather-appropriate clothes, take as many cases as you can up to 23 kg, and label them. Don’t forget your phone charger.

Remember to pack water bottles, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, crisps; they are expensive on board. Use magnet hooks to place on the door for necklaces and pack all your medications, such as paracetamol, sickness tablets, plasters, constipation tablets, or anything you need. Ensure you have plenty because it’s expensive in the ship’s medical facilities. When making payments, use your usual credit card, as they sometimes take your payment twice if it’s a debit card. Always use a credit card; if you have an MX, you can earn points.

You are about to embark on a self-discovery journey; don’t be afraid. We’ve got your back, so if you need anything, just shout. We know what to do when it comes to feeling overwhelmed. Take a nice deep breath and enjoy.

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