It’s not what you do: it’s what NOT to do

Guide to solo cruising for women with anxiety



  1. Start on deck six for a cocktail. It’s friendly and sociable, allowing you to be either social or relaxed on your own.
  2. Try the keel and Cow breakfast. It’s amazing and worth the experience.
  3. Book a meal at the Pearl restaurant. It offers a fabulous three-course meal for free but requires a virtual queue on your app.
  4. Be mindful of where you sit in the theatre to avoid being picked on or heckled during shows.
  5. Enjoy the entertainment on board, such as musicals or magic shows, but be aware that not all shows may meet your expectations. They are for all ages!
  6. Consider your attire for excursions, such as wearing appropriate shoes and securing personal items for activities like rib tours. Trainers or hiking boots are a must!
  7. Don’t forget to capture moments with the captain for a memorable experience. Bring a captain’s hat if you are brave!
  8. Stay hydrated by bringing your own water or purchasing cans on board to avoid high costs. Be cautious of additional service charges and plan your expenses accordingly.
  9. Start your mornings early to enjoy the views and make the most of your day on the cruise. So get up at 5 am!