We are living in a strange time as you all know, but we are all waiting ‘to get back to normal’ right?

Why are we wasting time? Why are we not enjoying every second of our day, has THE NEW WORLD changed us that much that we are waiting to go back to the way it was. That time has gone, we are not there anymore. We must live in the present, Right?

untitled imageImagine waiting for the change to come, imagine we are getting older each day, we wasted 6 to 12 months waiting. Why wait? What have you got to lose?

Ignite something inside you, restriction should not stop you.

Our physical being can cause us to stop, but our human spirit wants to carry on, so how do we bring out the spirit in every single one of us.

We are agile, adaptable, and resilient. We must be open to the universe, we must believe in ourselves to be able to make good choices, desires and resist the Fear that is being fed to us daily. We must find a way to be focused, and not get distracted by this.

Did you know today is exactly where we are supposed to be. So many times we say what if I never met you, or if I didn’t do that you would never have been born, does that prove we are meant to be exactly where we are supposed to be. So why do we punish ourselves with bitterness angry and hate and fear.

Start the day with compassion, joy, and love, be in the now. Do not fear, as fear is only what your ego is wanting to you to feel.

untitled imageThe words CRISIS, HATE, STRESS, FEAR can cause you so much emotional stress, it will start to impact on your gut and mental health. The media will be giving out so much negativity, it is time to listen to our language, do you ever hear what you say, i know its is very difficult for me to teach you this overnight, but have a good listen to what you say. Here are some examples.

‘ what if I cannot go out anymore’ ‘I am scared to leave the house’ ‘All this Covid is driving me mad’ ‘I Hate Covid’ ‘ I am fed up’ ‘ I worry all the time’ ‘ I just cant do it ‘ ‘when will it end’’ I just can’t be bothered anymore’

Does this sound familiar to you? So, the words you choose are the words that are going to reflect your day and mood. Imagine if you could change the mindset.

Are you ready?

‘ I am going to make this the best day I can’ ‘ I am happy today ‘ ‘I am not able to see my family , but I am going to make the best of my one day. ‘I feel good today’ ‘ I am going to brighten up my children’s day by being positive’ ‘I can do this’ ‘I will get help’

untitled image

There is no reason why you cannot be. Yes, we have grief and hardship and we cannot change some circumstances sadly, but we can create a better day for the future.

There is a gift that happens, the moment we except what is, is the moment we let go of what was, and in that moment, we have faith and trust of what can be.

There is a beauty within us that happens when we find peace, and we learn to live with ease in the space between the no longer and not enough. So today be at peace, except what was and let go of FEAR, and be in the present and the now. If we bring love into everything we do, the future will only be a brighter place.

There are ways to do this, you can remove fear and suffering from you, selfcare and knowledge will bring you the power to more than you would ever believe.

I will always bring you ways to find your inner peace, there are many tools to do this, so come along and take in the good intentions and use your mind in a positive way. You will find value in all your do if you take the time to LOVE.