Reiki Healing Session: Nurture Your Well-being course of 3 sessions




Are you seeking a holistic approach to relaxation, balance, and healing? Our Reiki Healing Sessions offer a peaceful journey towards well-being, designed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

What Sets Our Sessions Apart: Personalised Healing: Each session is tailored to your unique needs and intentions, ensuring a personalised and effective healing experience.

Safe space to relax: We create a safe space for you to relax, let go, and embrace the healing energy that surrounds you.

Mind-Body Connection: Explore the profound connection between your mind and body. Our sessions promote balance, reduce stress, and support your overall well-being.

Energy Flow Expertise: Experience the gentle flow of healing energy, addressing both physical and emotional imbalances.

What to Expect:

Relaxation: Feel the immediate benefits of deep relaxation as you let go of tension and stress.

Rejuvenation: Restore balance and vitality to your body, and experience a sense of renewed energy and well-being.

Emotional Harmony: Release emotional blockages and find peace within, promoting emotional resilience and a positive mindset.

Invest in Your Well-Being: Nurture your mind, body, and spirit with our Reiki Healing Sessions. Discover a path of healing, balance, and relaxation, and step into a brighter, more vibrant version of yourself.

Our carefully curated reiki treatment package is designed to help you achieve complete balance and harmony in all aspects of your life – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Each session is personalised to meet your unique needs so you can achieve the optimal results. However, for the full benefits of the healing, we recommend a course of six sessions, which will be tailored to the individual’s healing requirements.

Release your Inner Sparkle Rejuvenation Package

Get ready to glow with our Release Your Inner Sparkle package, which includes three tailored reiki sessions with bespoke healing oils and crystals. You’ll also receive an SDS pillow spray to take home and use to aid healing and improve sleep.

Package of 3 – £85