Reiki Seichem Online Session




This online Reiki healing is an entity removal technique that uses sacred symbols to connect to your higher self and the higher realms when performing the healing. This energy work transmutes, cleanses, and balances energies within your mind, body and soul. We have found that the entities, AI and negative energies we hold within us both in our physical and energy bodies are the root cause of illness. Once these “inversions” have been released, the body is then able to reach a high enough vibration to begin its journey of self healing.

Before the session, we have a chat where you can share any physical or emotional issues; specific memories of trauma or phobias that you would like to work on healing.

During the session, I work with the higher self to clear the main chakras of excess and negative energy as well as insert sacred alchemy. This is followed by a detailed body scan where we see what has come up for clearing or removal at this time. Your Higher Self oversees and allows the healing you need in that time and space. The energy work includes balancing your chakras and energies through cleansing and clearing; transmuting negative cords, negative implants, hooks, and portals. These can be from this lifetime or past lifetimes.

The combination of the sacred symbols and energy works to create a bridge for you to connect stronger to your higher self.

Each session lasts 1.5 hours to 2 hours. This includes an initial chat, the healing and a follow-up chat after the session so we can discuss what has been found and cleared.