Serves 2

1 cucumber halved, seeded and finely diced

extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp of dill chopped to make

avocado 2 ripe but firm, peeled, stoned and finely chopped

1 lemon zested and juiced

1 tbsp of cress chopped

1 tbsp chopped chives

2 vine tomatoes finely chopped

2 tbsp of capers

200g of smoked salmon

Toss the cucumber with 1 tsp oil, pinch of salt and pepper and the dill.

In a separate bowl, gently fold the avocado with ½ the lemon juice, 1 tbsp chives and season.
To make the dressing, whisk 2 tbsp oil, tomatoes, capers, the remaining lemon juice and all the zest, season to taste.
Spoon half of the cucumber mix onto a plate, making a layer of cucumber. Top with half of the avocado mix and then add a layer of smoked salmon, covering all the avocado.

Spoon over the dressing and sprinkle with cress.