The word ‘gratitude’ 🙏

Do you think about all that you have? Or do you think about all that you haven’t?

We tend to speak negatively about one’s life or others’. Quite often, we do not even realise we are being like it. We are just following others, or we are just wishing we were more positive, so we bring others down.

Sadly, that’s the case since we have social media.

Do you remind yourself of all the wonderful things around you, or are you stuck in the past or stuck with feeling angry or bitter?

I once was like that, I used to think bitter thoughts of why my life turned out the way it did. Not realising I had a gift. Not seeing the friends or people around me just helping, by saying positive things.

Not seeing…

Being consumed with the past was consuming my future self.

After many years of coaching, and awakening courses and practicing how to be healthy (boring, as some would say!)

I am now grateful for everything.

I wake at 6, burst the curtains open, thank the stars I’m still here and I get excited for my day ahead. Not knowing what it will be like, I fill my head with gratitude, that will then send signals into my brain to start the day RIGHT.

I know it’s hard to be positive all the time, but it’s worth trying.

I don’t think some people really want to see positive, happy people as they get annoyed. ‘Oh, there she is, spreading her positivity. She must be miserable really. It’s only because she has Michael now.’ Or on those levels.

My question to you is… why do you worry so much about that? Is something missing that you need to fix yourself?

Gratitude comes in many forms, so if you’re not excited about your life right now, it’s time to ask why.

We all need to ask that question once in a while. Even the positive people do it.

What can you change for the better today?