Total Wellness Programme

Introducing our Total Wellness Programme!


Month 1 – Power Hour to Health and Confidence: Kickstart your journey with a personalised consultation and coaching session focusing on health and confidence. Discover how to nourish your body and mind to achieve optimal wellness.

Month 2 – Skin Booster: Treat your skin to a rejuvenating skin booster session, designed to hydrate, plump, and revitalise your complexion from within.

Month 3 – Nutrition: Learn about the importance of nutrition for healthy skin and overall well-being. Our nutrition session will provide you with valuable insights and tips to fuel your body with the right foods.

Month 4 – Skin Booster: Rejuvenate your skin once again with our skin booster session, tailored to address your specific skincare concerns and enhance your natural glow.

Month 5 – Facial and Health Session: Indulge in a relaxing facial treatment while receiving expert guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Discover the connection between inner wellness and outer beauty.

Month 6 – Facial: Conclude your Total Wellness Programme with a luxurious facial treatment, tailored to leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed, revitalized, and rejuvenated.

Get started on this fabulous path to total wellness. Let us guide you towards a healthier, more confident version of yourself.


Book your Total Wellness Programme today and prioritise your well-being like never before!

Paying for the Total Wellness Programme

We want to make our Total Wellness Programme accessible to everyone so, if you wish, you can pay by 6 monthly instalments of £50. If you buy the whole package up front for £300, you will receive a FREE facial skincare giftbox by SDS Skincare worth £34.

6 x instalments of £50

1 x payment of £300 plus beauty bonus