We create your vision

We create your vision! 


Boss Your Biz will help you every step of the way to build your online presence, including building a website so you can portfolio your services. Sign up for our FREE workshop to go through the steps to getting your website up and running. The website is all about how you want to be presented online: you are in the driving seat and it’s up to you if you want to choose website style, colours and fonts or let our website design team get to work for you. 

Domain start up


Business start

Social media Email set up


Domain Name

Choosing your domain name is the first step towards building a website. It is the address people will go to when they want to see your website. We will guide you through the steps to choosing a domain name that works for your business and you.


Website hosting may sound like something you really don’t want to learn about but it is a step you have to take before you can start to create your website. We help you choose a good website hosting company and we also offer you the option of allowing us to host the website for you.


Most websites nowadays are built on platforms. We use a platform that is behind many of the websites around the world that is open source, versatile and highly customisable. 

Email account

When we set up your website, we will also set up an email account for you that is based on your domain name. It helps you to look professional and means that all your business messages are kept separate from your personal email account.

We take your pain away


We give you a stress free life!

Have you always wanted to get your website done, but do not have the time? If this is the case, you need us BOSSES to help you out. We take away your pain and lack of time, and build you all you need to start your online presence. We will even send out a support online sub box to help you learn how to carry on without us, if you so wish to do so.

We have your back.

Colour is a crucial part of your business brand. It may be that you already have a logo and we will use your business colour palette throughout your website. If you don’t have a logo, we’ve got your back: we can design a logo for you.

Give us a call so we can take all your details

If you wish to have a chat about your issues, we are more than happy to listen!