Ageing Women

Ageing: is it really that scary for so many?

Do you struggle looking in the mirror as you change into a new version of you?!

Do you criticise yourself daily on how you look?

Is this the words you use? ‘My jowls are getting heavier,’ or, ‘My eyes are darkening,’ ‘I feel old’.

Yes, we changing, but we are forgetting to embrace the beauty of maturity.

What’s the alternative?

We are all in this together. There is no miracle fix (unless you’re a Cher!) but, seriously, we all want what we had.

Instead of looking back, consider investment and self-care that’s far more positive and rewarding.

You know where I am: I am also going through the changes of life – and I will be tweaking and improving myself to enjoy the latter years of my life without feeling insecure about the way I look as I am investing in myself too.