Community Guidelines

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Fairy Hub community is an extremely happy, fun and safe place to be: however, when someone is showing signs of disrupting our positive energy, these guidelines serve to tackle the issue, protect our community and maintain the right environment for change, growth and progression. One hundred percent of our current community members share daily love and support to all other members and that is due to the hard work of our Moderators, Customer Service & Leadership Team for enforcing the following guidelines:

Zero Negativity & Hate Negativity of any kind will not be tolerated

This includes gossip, conspiracy or dragging the energy down via moaning and/or creating negative whispers amongst other members. If you have a complaint you can follow our complaints procedure at Bullying of any kind is also not tolerated, including making reference to things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or any other personal attribute.

No Group Chats

The Fairy Hub only has one approved group chat and that is called ‘TFH Referrals Team’. We’ve seen time and time again the negativity and overwhelm that comes from these group chats – as well as the miscommunication that occurs from enquiries being made in group chats hosted by other members rather than being answered by the appropriate member of our team.

No Promotions, Spam or Selling

Self-promotion, spam, direct selling and links aren’t allowed. We’ve built our community based on providing value; this is not the platform to advertise and sell. We also kindly ask you to not post any links to any external websites. This takes users away from our community and therefore takes away their opportunity to absorb our helpful coaching-related content, as well as damaging the Facebook algorithm and lowering our reach. If you’re posting helpful links, please provide these in the first comment of your post rather than in the main caption.

No Posting of Sensitive Information

Should you have any issues with your current subscription, payment or anything else personally related to your account, you can submit all enquiries through the support feature and one of our Customer Service Team will be able to assist you at Please do not directly message group admins or post publicly into the group with these concerns as they will not be responded to.

No Group Mass Adding

If you create your own Facebook group, please do not mass-add any of our members. Even if your group is created for the best intentions, by adding our members to your own group it dilutes and distracts members from the value being offered inside our community. This could also be seen as a sales approach to funnel members into your business, which will also violate the “No Promotions, Spam or Selling” community guideline.


The Fairy Hub is a wonderful community of amazing and inspiring people and we work hard to keep it that way. Group moderators ensure these guidelines are being followed inside and outside of our community. If we believe any of the following guidelines have been broken, the member will receive an official first and final warning from our Customer Service Team. If any guidelines are continued to be broken, we will remove the member from the community, without refund. For more serious matters, we reserve the right to remove members immediately without warning. This will only be done in exceptional circumstances and we will always provide evidence of the specific community guideline that has been broken on removal.


If you have a complaint, enquiry or you suspect any member to have broken any of our guidelines please ensure you contact our Customer Service Team at and we’ll ensure it’s dealt with correctly.

We Can’t Wait To Help! Whether it’s reading our FAQ or speaking directly to the Customer Service Team, we will do anything we can to ensure your questions are answered and you get the best level of support possible whilst you embark upon your beauty journey with The Health Fairy.

PLEASE CONTACT US ON for any questions.

Thank you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]