Are you suffering with anxiety, stress and lack of self-care awareness?

How I Work

I provide energy healing through a variety of different healing modalities. I work with my guides, acting as a bridge between you and your higher self in order for you to reach your highest level of self-healing.

All of these sessions can be done on Zoom, at my studio or I can also come out to your home for face-to-face healing sessions within many areas of Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex: please contact me for a quote.

I use my own blend of Reiki, crystal healing and sound healing. I also offer psychic readings, pure energy healing, tarot and Reiki tuition in levels 1, 2 & 3.

My Spiritual Journey


I have been connected to the spiritual realms since I was a little girl, but found myself checking out of these energies on and off regularly as life’s adventures and challenges took over.

I started my healing journey with Reiki 1 and 2 back in 2023.

I found myself connecting with my guides from this point. They have been guiding me more and more over the years (although I haven’t always paid attention!) and their call became louder and louder during 2023 when it became clear I had to step more into my life purpose. This time brought to me an intense further spiritual awakening, and self healing journey (although the journey never really ends!) This eventually led me to mediumship and finding my love for sound therapy and meditation.

Discovering who I was at a soul level was profound and life changing and put many pieces of the puzzle together for me. I “knew” that I was to get certified in Reiki as well as become a Master, so I can teach others to heal and thrive. I understood that part of my soul purpose was to help others with their self healing journeys as well as help with the transformation and increase in consciousness on Earth that is happening at this time.

I finally became a Reiki master in 2024 . I find my guides working through me whenever I give a massage or any healing. See my reviews below for this and you will be amazed at the transformations that are occurring.


Feel so blessed to have met you today. I go forward now. xx


Feeling blessed

Just had the most amazing deep tissue massage and reiki, I have never felt so relaxed in the whole of my life. Sarah is one of a kind, we also had an out of body experience today, it blew my mind. Can’t wait for my next appointment.


It blew my mind

Sarah helped to rid me of my stress and tension. Great, relaxing session.


Great, relaxing session

My Reiki session was very relaxing and spiritual. I loved every second.


Relaxing and spiritual


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