Social Anxiety Survey


How many of you stop yourself having a good catch-up with your friends because you are starting to find you are socially anxious?

If you answer ‘yes’ to more than one question below, let’s chat.

1. Do you cancel special occasions?(Required)
2. Do you avoid contact with people when walking?(Required)
3. Do you change clothes more than once before you go out?(Required)
4. Do you think you have left your keys behind?(Required)
5. Do you think you have not turned off the oven?(Required)
6. Do you worry what you look like?(Required)
7. Do you feel you are going to trip over when you are out?(Required)
8. Do you make up scenarios of the event you are going to and stop yourself enjoying the lead-up to your special occasion?(Required)
9. Do you fill your head with doubt?(Required)
10. Are you a worrier?(Required)
11. Do you feel anxious doing this survey?(Required)

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