Trauma Healing

🍃I’ve been healing for a long time now.

🍃Myself and others to be perfectly honest with you.

💕I never put myself first though, and all I wanted was to heal the world of pain and sadness. Obviously, I couldn’t do that… right?

💕I noticed my healing a long time ago – many people I met said this too.

💕I channelled all my energy into helping and guiding them, thinking it was the normal thing to do. I ignored it really and behaved in such a way that I was almost rebelling against it.

💕People think you’re scatty when you say you can heal.

💕Later, I learned a lot about myself after my own trauma and how it affected my life.

🍃Since then, I have learned how to heal in another way without my energy being zapped. I have re-birthed my skills naturally.

🍃People come to me from all over: they sometimes do not even know why. They say they just have a feeling to come and see me…

💕They open up their heart and they give me their story.

💕I listen and I guide if they want that. Or just be there if they need any support.

🍃I have been trained in coaching and NLP and CBT to help women through trauma, but this is different.

🍃This is more cleaning out the thoughts and fears about being alone in a dark place. This is something I do during my massages or even just a lash appointment. It just happens. ✨

🍃A lot of my Fairies have come to me with pain and hurt. Some are now thriving and having a better life as they know they need to self-care.

I don’t know if it’s just healing – I think it’s knowing you are not alone and you have the power of support.

Healing is free, by the way. I never charge and never will