When you read the word peace, what do you initially think? Laying on the couch with a hot cuppa?

Maybe sitting in your garden with the sun beaming on your face, lapping up the Vitamin D?

A hot bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine, listening to soft music? It all seems wonderful doesn’t it? But Is that not more Relaxing than peaceful?

Can you imagine really imagine what peace is? Or is it you just cannot imagine life without noise of your kids playing, the sound of people chattering at you at work… is it too hard for you to imagine?

That is because it is not peace, peace is found within you. No matter how much noise is around, peace is from our trueselves.

But …. It is not, peace is an eternity within us to find in this chaotic world we live in. It is about focusing your attention on those things you and you only can control. So perhaps it is time to start leading a peaceful life? Spend some time in nature, find the inner peace we all deserve. Here are some ways to find inner peace.

Be mindful of what you eat, look after yourself, your body will Thank you for it, that is a Fact!

Exercise on a regular basis, this will energise you and bring focus to your life, trust me on this one.

Do good deeds, caring for others will make you feel good, try it.

Be kind to yourself, learn to say NO, or maybe say yes to a challenge that you were hiding from, be free from your Ego stopping you!

Meditate, this comes with practice, but practice makes perfect. Right? Look on an app or a video or even go to a class, this will relax the racing brain, and million and one chores you apparently must do.

Plan your day, planning is key to a calm focused peaceful life.

Be selective on who you want to spend time with, it is important to surround yourself with love and caring individuals.

Set your boundaries, you can have them!

Be still, take the time to be still, breathe, be still and calm.

Take time out of the social network, news, and just turn your phone off, even If it is for an hour. Can you do it? Make it a challenge!

Close your eyes in a dark place and appreciate the silence.

Cherish every interaction, enjoy being you.

Value other opinions, they may be wrong but still value them.

Rearrange your furniture fen shui you home, clear the clutter, clear the mind.

There are many ways to have a peaceful life, do you allow yourself to really be at peace?

I hope that helps, if you have other ways please let me know as we always need to learn new ways to feel good.

Peace means truly knowing yourself and what you are capable of. When you have inner peace you fully accept yourself. Positive energy will then fill your lungs daily.

Are you an observer, do you see peace within others? Do you cry out to be like them? Well only you can change it, I really want to help others seek peace within as once you find it you will never go back, you will be at one with your thoughts and dreams, then you truly can start your adventure in the new version of YOU.

Let me know how you get on. I really hope you find your peace today.